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Welcome to the Fabufacture

Your one stop shop for Lean and Kaizen Supplies!

The Fabufacture exists to provide you with everything you need to set-up and run a lean facility, within a few clicks of a mouse!

We are the only company in the UK to supply everything for the lean manufacturing facility. From Kaizen Posters and Training DVDs, to 5S Red Tags and Supermarket Racking.

Fabufacture is here to not only help you on your voyage to become a lean manufacturing facility, but to help you maintain your lean culture by providing you with the necessary tools.

Visit Fabufacture's website today and get started on you Lean journey!

All the best from the Fabufacture Team


Lean and Kaizen Supplies

  • 5S Housekeeping Shadow Boards - Silver Edition (All Tools Included) _SKU-11202
    The 5S Cleaning Station is exclusive to the Fabufacture. The all-in-one 5S Cleaning Station that deploys to your chosen value stream or manufacturing cell instantly. Used throughou...
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  • L Pallet Markers (Qty 25)_SKU-7491
    L Pallet Markers are the perfect low cost solution for organising your pallet materials. 5S is all out keeping your work place efficiently organised, and these markers do the perfe...
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  • Five Pillars of 5S Banner_SKU-6601
    4ft x 3ft Heavy Duty PVC Banner: Vital to the successful launch of any 5S campaign, is a company wide awareness / promotional activity. The continued success of 5S within your fact...
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  • 1775mm High Static Rack - Double Sided - 16917230.11V - SKU11482
    The BOTT louvre 1775mm high static rack (double sided) can be easily positioned for easy access to small parts and components in the workplace....
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  • Foot Steps Floor Marking Paint Stencil_SKU-11252
    Create clear and visible graphics and floor signage, safety messages and work place organisation with our broad range of floor marking paint stencils....
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  • 5S Floor Marking - Surface Prep Primer_SKU-10186
    Fabufacture’s surface primer is ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as wood, concrete or stone prior to application of our floor marking products to prevent moisture degrading...
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  • Visual Workplace Footprints™ _SKU-8471
    Everyone has to watch where they walk, so why not put your message in their line of sight? Put your safety or 5S awareness message at employee’s feet during the critical moment o...
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  • Wear Foot Protection Safety Signs and Banners _SKU-3414
    Use the Foot Protection Must be Worn in this Area safety banner to enhance your company safety awareness programs. This banner has been designed to grab attention and clearly commu...
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  • Peg Board Perfo Board Hooks Shadowboard_SKU-11557_14031416
    BOTT Perfo 80 Piece Hook Kit for expanding the storage capabilities of BOTT products. Perfect for organising and neatly storing tools and components....
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  • Foreign Object Debris Prevention Signs - A3 Size (Qty of 3)_SKU-11374
    Foreign Object Debris Prevention Signs are one of our most popular items for the growing number of companies that rely on production cleanliness and high standards of house keeping...
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    Use this powerful wall guide to educate and remind those in your facility of the 12 steps to running a successful 5S Red Tag Sorting Event. Printed in High Definition and made from...
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  • Floor Marking Tapes_SKU-7361
    No more painting! Our industrial floor tapes are the perfect solution for marking out pathways and aisles that would otherwise require time consuming painting. This is one of the t...
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