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Welcome to the Fabufacture

Your one stop shop for Lean and Kaizen Supplies!

The Fabufacture exists to provide you with everything you need to set-up and run a lean facility, within a few clicks of a mouse!

We are the only company in the UK to supply everything for the lean manufacturing facility. From Kaizen Posters and Training DVDs, to 5S Red Tags and Supermarket Racking.

Fabufacture is here to not only help you on your voyage to become a lean manufacturing facility, but to help you maintain your lean culture by providing you with the necessary tools.

Visit Fabufacture's website today and get started on you Lean journey!

All the best from the Fabufacture Team


Lean and Kaizen Supplies

  • Connect Earth Terminal Safety Sign
    Make all relevant personnel aware of the need to connect an earth terminal to the ground were necessary, with our BS approved mandatory safety sign. This sign is available in a num...
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  • Custom 5S Posters _ Locite_Payment Page FAB354
    This payment page has been set up for the purchase of 10 off sets of 5S Shopfloor Series Training Posters - ref FAB354 Kendra ...
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  • 8D Banner _SKU-4
    Promote and sustain the 8D problem solving methodology with this professionally designed visual. Available in a number of sizes and materials. 8D (Eight Disciplines of Problem Solv...
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  • Quality Assurance Department Signs _SKU-9735
    This value pack of large signs is a popular choice of Quality Assurance Department personnel....
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  • Tool Shadow Board Templates_SKU-11495
    Tool Shadow Board Templates are a great way of transforming your 5S tool and equipment house keeping. These high quality self adhesive stickers save lots of time, allowing implemen...
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  • Glow in the Dark Floor Tape_SKU-7941
    This product is the ultimate in glow in the dark aisle / lane marking tape. It's the most durable and efficient means of applying a long lasting aisle marking tape in your warehous...
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  • Anti Slip Floor Tape - Standard Grit SKU-7956
    Our grip tape can be applied onto most surfaces and will instantly provide high quality, anti-slip protection that meets safety standards throughout the world....
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  • Root Cause Analysis Cause and Effect Diagram Dry Wipe Tool SKU-11878
    We have created this interactive dry wipe version, that allows teams to use the method to its full extent. The Ishikawa method has always been a team based consensus tool....
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  • Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
    KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID BANNERS AND SIGNS! KISS is an acronym for the design principle articulated by Kelly Johnson, Keep it simple, stupid! The KISS principle states that most syste...
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  • KANBAN Examples Poster (A2 Size 594 x 420mm) _SKU-11278
    All too often the importance of part bin control is lost in factories and this can often be down to the workforce's ignorance of the importance of maintaining the Kanban system. We...
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  • Red Tag Holding Area Signs & Banners
    In order to implement your red-tag strategy effectively, a red tag holding area must be created. A red-tag holding area is an area set aside for use in storing red-tagged items tha...
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  • L Pallet Markers (Qty 25)_SKU-7491
    L Pallet Markers are the perfect low cost solution for organising your pallet materials. 5S is all out keeping your work place efficiently organised, and these markers do the perfe...
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