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Welcome to the Fabufacture

Your one stop shop for Lean and Kaizen Supplies!

The Fabufacture exists to provide you with everything you need to set-up and run a lean facility, within a few clicks of a mouse!

We are the only company in the UK to supply everything for the lean manufacturing facility. From Kaizen Posters and Training DVDs, to 5S Red Tags and Supermarket Racking.

Fabufacture is here to not only help you on your voyage to become a lean manufacturing facility, but to help you maintain your lean culture by providing you with the necessary tools.

Visit Fabufacture's website today and get started on you Lean journey!

All the best from the Fabufacture Team


Lean and Kaizen Supplies

  • 5S Steps - Factory Signs Package (4 x 1ft) x 5 _SKU-7589
    If you really wanted to get the 5S methodology across and really blow the Auditor away, you need the 5S Steps Factory Signs Package. Professionally designed and exclusive to Fabufa...
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  • Large 5S Signs - Jumbo sized 841 x 594mm! _SKU-10019
    Due to popular demand, our three most sort after 5S signs are now available in Jumbo size A1 (841 x 594mm) and 5mm thick foam cored plastic. These signs are exclusive to Fabufactur...
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  • 5S Cleaning Station Shadow Board - Junior 3 Edition (All Tools Included) _SKU-11785
    The 5S Cleaning Station is exclusive to the Fabufacture. The all-in-one 5S Cleaning Station that deploys to your chosen value stream or manufacturing cell instantly. Used throughou...
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  • Arrow Floor Marking Paint Stencils_SKU-11226
    Create clear and visible graphics and floor signage, safety messages and work place organisation with our broad range of floor marking paint stencils....
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  • TED™ Awareness Kit - GOLD (Continuous 5S Sort System)_SKU-9371
    The TED™ Awareness Kit – GOLD provides you with a ready made kit that can be deployed in minutes and receives instant recognition from users throughout your chosen deployment a...
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  • 5S Red Tag Log Book_SKU-9525
    The 5S Red Tag Log Book is intended for use with both the 5S Sorting Event Wizard Event Boards and the TED 5S Continuous Sort System....
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  • Tool Shadow Board Stickers_SKU-11745_610mm wide x 10m long
    Looking for an easy and cost effective solution to tooling and equipment organisation? Look no further than our Shadow Board Outline Vinyl™. Super high quality and can be used in...
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  • 1775mm High Static Rack - Double Sided - 16917232.11V - SKU11471
    The BOTT louvre 1775mm high static rack offers functional storage for small parts and components that can be easily moved throughout the workplace....
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  • Keep Out Sign _SKU-6776
    Instruct employees, visitors and the public to keep out of certain areas in and around your facility. The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 details that M...
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    Made from tough plastic and clay coated for a smooth easy write surface and excellent print quality, these tags are designed to last in the toughest of industrial environments. Tuf...
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  • CALIBRATION Sign _SKU-7912
    Clear, well designed and sizeable departmental signage is key to supporting the new 5S factory layout. Huge amounts of production time is wasted through inadequate signage. Imagine...
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  • Watch for Fork Lift Traffic _SKU-3311
    Use the Watch for Fork Lift Traffic safety banner to enhance your company safety awareness programs. This banner has been designed to grab attention and clearly communicate the nee...
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