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TED Awareness Kit - GOLD

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Fabufacture's TED System is an award winning process that facilitates your '5S Sorting' on a continual basis within any type of facility or industrial sector.

Fabufacture offers you an entire suite of TED products.

  • £275.00
    WAS £295.00
    TED™ Awareness Kit - GOLD (Continuous 5S Sort System)_SKU-9371

    TED™ Awareness Kit – GOLD (Continuous 5S Sort System)_SKU-9371

    The TED™ Awareness Kit – GOLD provides you with a ready made kit that can be deployed in minutes and receives instant recognition from users throughout your chosen deployment areas / facility. This kit is a training tool that embeds the TED™ principle into the minds of your workforce, ensuring that sustainment of continuous sort (red tagging) is achieved.