Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian Walkways

Available in:

1m wide x 5m long (£98.95)

1m wide x 10m long (£179.95)

Colours :

Green (Background) and Yellow (Men)



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Super fast, Heavy Duty, Anti Slip Walkway System!

Painted walkways in warehouses and factories, whilst having their uses, are prone to a few problems:


  •  Lost Time!

Down time can become quite costly in terms of time due to having to first, paint the walkway, wait for it to dry, then paint whatever signage you want on top. Depending on size, this could easily lose you a day of productivity in that area.


  •  Slippery when wet!

Another problem with painted surfaces is, if not properly treated, they can become slippery when wet.


  •  No More Painting – The perfect solution!

Fabufacture have created a solution where downtime is kept to a minimum. Our walkway system is a roll of printed anti slip material that requires one application, and business can resume as normal. More efficient in every way compared to a painted surface!

Fabufacture’s anti slip walkway system is an all-encompassing, safe walkway which is pre-prepared. Rolls come in either 1m wide x 5m long or 1m wide x 10m long, with a green base and two yellow walking men at regular intervals.


  •  Material Details

The walkway material is finish by coating the surface with industry standard, high quality anti slip grit to ensure maximum safety!

Each roll is self-adhesive, meaning it really is one of the most efficient walkway systems available.


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Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian Walkways

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