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L Pallet Markers (Qty 25)_SKU-7491

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L Pallet Markers are the perfect low cost solution for organising your pallet materials. 5S is all out keeping your work place efficiently organised, and these markers do the perfect job. No more painting or smelly floor marking chemicals!

L Pallet Markers for your 5S Activity

Pallet marker shapes are a tough, easy to install and are a low cost method of marking areas for pallet organisation and storage. All of our pallet markers are supplied with a strong self adhesive backing and should be applied to clean floors for best performance.

L shaped pallet marker

No more painting or smelly floor marking chemicals!


L Pallet Markers


25 pieces per pack



200mm x 200mm




Only £28.95 (£1.18 per piece)


 Ideal for separating distinct areas in warehouses, factories and any areas that need areas designated for specific tasks.

Pallet Markers

  Self adhesive, colourful and durable, a cost effective and quick alternative.


  • Tough PVC with aggressive adhesive backing
  • Mark block stack pallet areas quickly and effectively
  • Designed to withstand rigours of warehouse traffic
  • Suitable for clean dry flat surfaces
  • ‘L’ to mark corners
  • ‘T’ between pallets
  • ‘+’ for centre pallet positions
  • Circles for walkways
  • Directional arrows

Standard_Pallet Markers_Self  Adhesive


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L Pallet Markers

L Pallet Markers

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